wrholt (wrholt) wrote,

LJ sightings of new RL acquaintances

I'm currently enrolled in the Tech Squares Fall 2007 Mainstream/Plus class at MIT. While web-surfing earlier this evening I stumbled across the LJ blogs of two people who are currently affiliated with that class; one is an MIT student who is taking the class for PE credit, and the other is the class coordinator.

I'm glad I'm taking this class at last; I've wanted to be able to participate in the Boston Uncommons (BU) dance series since shortly after Eric Muldur founded the club, but they always have their classes on Sunday afternoons, when I frequently have other obligations that I either cannot or will not give up for the duration of the class.

The fact that Eric as well as several other BU club members regularly attend the Tech Squares club/class dances as class angels adds to the value of the Tech Squares class. BU starts their own Basic/Mainstream class this weekend, with Eric teaching; I'll be able to attend at least some of the class sessions.
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Howdy. There are, in fact, many more Tech folks around here, if you keep an eye out. :)
I hope this doesn't mean you're going completely over to the Dark Side. We miss you.
I've been attending JP English very irregularly for some time; unfortunately, it's the same night as the Tech Squares class and the MIT contra dance. I've missed most of the contra dances this fall because of other weekend obligations unrelated to dancing. I should make it to a couple of the dances before the end of the year, though.