wrholt (wrholt) wrote,

Life in the Fast Lane?

I avoid posting during the day when I'm at work; it takes to long for me to write, and then edit what I write, for me to do it comfortably in the few minutes that I have free during my lunch hour. I often have evening plans, which stops me from posting after finishing work for the day and going home. And my dial-up connection at home shuts itself off if I take too long typing and editing a post. I suppose I should give in and arrange for high-speed service at home.

I have been double- and triple-booked on many weekends lately, sometimes in series, sometimes in parallel. This past weekend was no exception. On Saturday I went to the annual Vermont State All-Day Sacred Harp Singing, which met this year in Williamsville Station, a village in the town of Newfane located about 20 miles north-northwest of Brattleboro. I had planned to go to the second half of the Boston Gay and Lesbian Contra Dancers double header in Jamaica Plain, but after getting up at 6am to drive myself and 2 passengers to Newfane, singing from 10am to 4pm (with an hour for dinner), and arriving back at Watertown after 7pm, I was worn out.

The next day I was able to sleep in till after 7pm. I made it to Newton Highlands by 9am, where I picked up 3 passengers to drive to Lenox, where we and 16 other people presented a selection of New England hymns and anthems to an appreciative audience as a benefit concert for the Church on the Hill as part of their 200th-anniversary celebration.

On the way we stopped in Lee for lunch at Joe's Diner, a small hole-in-the-wall that appears to have been there forever that is located at the last bend on US 20 before crossing the new bridge over the river and heading uphill out of the village and on to Lenox. The food was standard diner fare, and quite adequate, and it wasn't one of the chain restaurants that dot the length of US 20 from the Turnpike entrance north through the village. After lunch we had a few extra minutes, so I showed my passengers my favorite avoid-the-traffic-on-the-way-to-Tanglewood route across Lee and past the Stockbridge Bowl.

About 55 people came to the concert, and they enjoyed it ethusiastically.

The return trip was uneventful, and I was back home before 7pm.

Thank goodness this week is relatively uneventful; it gives me a chance of getting over the cold that developed on Monday evening.
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