wrholt (wrholt) wrote,

Long time no post...

It's been more than 5 1/2 years since my last post to LJ. This is a function of my having switched to FB for most of my social media activity, although even there I mostly follow the postings of others and rarely post anything of my own.

I occasionally post something related to something I've done recently. I rarely post links to "interesting" articles, unless it's for an event that I'm at least partly responsible for running or hosting. I rarely participate in memes, and I rarely post anything about future plans or current activities that suggest that I may not be at home for an identifiable period of time.

Transitions have been on my mind a lot lately, especially the personal transitions we all experience, whether good, neutral or ill. We all go through them; some of them we navigate easily, while others require more fortitude. The BF and I are going through one of the more difficult transitions right now, as the BF's mother's health has declined significantly over the past 18 months, and she's no longer able to live as independently as she had been up until now; the BF and her other children are now dealing with supporting her in a manner that is both appropriate and maintains as much of her independence and dignity as possible. This seems to be easier in some ways and harder in other ways than the most recent significant transition in my own family of origin, the death of one of my sisters at the hands of her estranged husband a little more than two years ago. In the case of the BF's mother, the transition is taking time to run its course, and it's impossible to know whether it will last for a matter of days, of weeks, of months or of years. In the case of my sister, the change of circumstance was instantaneous and absolute, and the transition for the rest of us is dealing with the aftermath, particularly settling my sister's affairs and healing from the emotional shock, rather than having months or years of dealing with one urgency after another.
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