wrholt (wrholt) wrote,

Singing, and small world

I'm planning to go to the 21st New York State Sacred Harp Singing Convention in Cambridge, NY, this coming weekend. I grew up in Berlin, the 3rd town south of Cambridge along NY Route 22. I'll be staying with my aunt and uncle in Stephentown, the next town south of Berlin.

At the first NYS convention in Ithaca in 1989, my friend Paula M. (now Paula P.), who grew up in a suburb north of Boston, introduced me to the husband of her high-school gym teacher (PF = Paula's Friend). He had never attended a Sacred Harp singing before, and Paula wanted me to take him under my wing for the evening. We did the usual getting-to-know-one-another conversation, and in less than ten minutes our conversation turned into:

"...and my wife grew up in a very small town near the Capital District."

"Really? So did I. Which town is she from?"


"(!!!) I'm from Berlin, too! What's her family?"

"She's a C****."

"(!!!) M******'s daughter?"

"(!) Yes! How did you know?"

"Your mother-in-law was the organist at the First Day Baptist Church when my dad was hired as the pastor in 1963. Oh, and is my high-school classmate C**** your niece?"
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