wrholt (wrholt) wrote,

On transitions

I am part of Norumbega Harmony, a community of friends that gathers every Monday evening to sing shape note (or shaped-note) music from The Sacred Harp and related tune-books. This evening we commemorated the first legal same-sex marriages in California by singing "Harmony", a tune attributed to Amariah Hall (Raynham, MA, 1758-1827) and set to verses from one of the Lyric Poems by Isaac Watts (1674-1748), printed in The Northern Harmony:

Say, mighty Love, and teach my song,
To whom my sweetest joys belong;
And who the happy pairs,
Whose yielding hearts and joining hands,
Find blessings twisted with their bands,
To soften all their cares.

Two kindest souls alone must meet:
'Tis friendship makes the bondage sweet
And feeds their mutual loves.
If there be bliss without design,
Ivys and oaks may grow and twine,
And be as blest as they.
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