wrholt (wrholt) wrote,

On familial transitions and literature(?)

Earlier this month my great-uncle Alger Powell passed away. He was the only brother and the oldest sibling of my father's mother, and he had celebrated his 102nd birthday this past February. He had been my Oldest Living Relative since the death of his mother in December 1982 at the age of 102 years and 8 months.

After wrapping up my work day on the day that I learned of Alger's passing, I spent a few minutes using Google to search his name and the names of his parents Felix and Mary Ann, and I found an E-Bay vendor who was auctioning a copy of the first edition of The Transformation of Felix. This slim volume is a collection of sermons that great-grandpa Felix published in 1915 while he was pastor of People's Methodist Episcopal Church (now People's United Methodist Church) in South Portland, Maine. Each sermon opens with a tale of great-grandpa's life from before he was ordained; these are about the only stories I know about his early life from before he met Mary Ann in Parsippany and married her in 1902.

I won the bidding for this item by default, as I was the only bidder. I got the book for the opening bid of $1.99 plus $2.75 shipping. It arrived yesterday, and its condition matches the vendor's description. I am quite happy to have this piece of my family history.
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