wrholt (wrholt) wrote,

The Shapely Notables do (Dance) Camp

I was able to attend the LCFD Dance Camp this past weekend for the first time in several years. unzeugmatic may be interested to hear that I signed up to lead a 1-hour Sacred Harp singing session on Saturday morning, and about 15 people chose to participate, including jwg. As several of these people had little experience singing from the Sacred Harp, we chose to take our time singing through parts individually, then putting it all together, so that we sang only 3 songs during the alloted hour: Northfield (p. 155), Africa (p. 178) and Wond'rous Love (p. 159).

The group enjoyed themselves enough that we decided to sign up for a slot in the Variety Show on Saturday evening: we chose to call ourselves "The Shapely Notables", and we presented Northfield. If statistics matter, we were the act with the largest number of participants, and the only musical act that did not use any instruments other than our voices...
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